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General Papers

Biblical Commentary and 'Samson Agonistes' Abstract
Richard Serjeantson
Paradise Lost, Optical Science and “the Organs of Fancy” Abstract
Iain Malcolm McClure
“From strict laws to large grace”: Gleanings from Milton’s Theology of History in Book XII of Paradise Lost Abstract
Filippo Falcone
Milton’s Strains: Paradise Lost, Richard Bentley and Rhetorical Rethinking Abstract
Sophie Read
Questions of Knowledge in _Paradise Lost_ Abstract
Katharine Fletcher
Milton’s Optics Abstract
Jane Partner
Trying and knowing: early modern literary forms and the uses of evidence, uncertainty and doubt Abstract
Subha Mukherji
The Search for Truth: The Miltonic Architecture of Francesco Algarotti's 'Newton for the Ladies' Abstract
Pete Langman

Invited Presentation

Milton, Manliness and Neo-Roman Liberty Abstract
Rosanna Cox
Newton in the 19th century: scientist or scholar? Abstract
Rebekah Higgitt
Here grows the Cure of all’: Eve and Alchemy in Paradise Lost Abstract
Laura Knoppers
Death and Calculus in Adam’s Lament (PL, 10. 720-844) Abstract
Rachel Trubowitz
Lost in Transcription: a palaeographer's view of Newton Abstract
John Tone Young
Milton, Galileo, and the Opening to Science Abstract
Barbara K Lewalski
Between Milton and Newton: the Cambridge Platonists Revisited Abstract
Sarah Hutton
Milton, Newton, Swift Abstract
David Womersley
The Hermes of Newton and Milton Abstract
William R Newman
Newton and the Structures of Heresy Abstract
Robert Iliffe
Milton and Newton: their Philosophical Context Abstract
G. A. John Rogers
Milton and Newton: Harmonies and Dissonances Abstract
Stephen M. Fallon
Milton and Priestcraft Abstract
Justin Champion
Milton, Newton and Creation Abstract
Regina Schwartz
Milton and the Remaking of Knowledge Abstract
Nigel Smith
All Eye, All Ear: Arian Epistemology in Milton and Newton Abstract
John Rogers



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William Blake, English, 1757-1827 The Temptation and Fall of Eve (Illustration to Milton's "Paradise Lost"), 1808. Pen and watercolor on paper, 49.7 x 38.7 cm (19 9/16 x 15 1/4 in.). Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. Museum purchase with funds donated by contribution, 90.99. Photograph©2009, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.

William Blake Newton 1795/circa 1805. Colour print on paper, 460 x 600 mm. Presented by W. Graham Robertson, 1939. Photograph©Tate, London 2008

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